“On the Wool Road” By Pam Radowitz


A history of Nerriga NSW.




The reprint of “Nerriga On The Wool Road” by Pam Radowitz with a modern supplement, came about because of public demand. The book is a well written account of the history of Nerriga and was sought after but out of print. Nerriga is now a busy village with a road connecting Canberra and Goulburn to Jervis Bay, Nowra and the Shoalhaven.

Pam wrote about the days of timber and gold, schools and horses. Electricity came to Nerriga in1961 but today high- tension pylons dot the landscape, the gas and NBN pipelines and Telstra cables cross the district while the rock formations and bushland still dominate the landscape.

This edition of the book has it all. The old and the new with detail about how it all came about can be found between the beautiful covers of “Nerriga On The Wool Road” with an updates supplement. It is now available again.

Nerriga Craft and Museum Centre presents:

Book Launch  Easter Saturday 

“On the Wool Road”

By Pam Radowitz

With supplement describing Nerriga from 1991-2021